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Our Story

Quality Food Nationally

Ozzy’s is a brand that was created by two brothers who have come from humble beginings. The idea came along in 2018 whilst working in their fathers chippy. The menu has been carefully curated with a selection of in house recipies that utalise the finest ingredients. Our diverse menu is guaranteed to tingle your tastebuds!

Parmesans Sold

Burgers Sold

Steaks Sold

Fresh Ingredients

Our Angus beef is minced in store daily! Then shaped into fresh Angus beef patties. A crowd pleasing menu to satisfy everyone.

Signature Sauces

We have developed secret in house sauce recipes to add to our unique & extravagant tasting food.

Diverse Menu

At ozzy’s we have carefully thought out menu which will tingle your tastebuds from the first bite till the last.



Lahibah Hussain


The best, I’m usually quite fussy with food but this food is just amazing which I cannot describe in words. I would say it’s the best restaurant I’ve actually been to so far, the taste of the flavours just unexplainable. The staff are also so lovely and humble. I would definitely recommend people to come here and try it out because you are missing outtt 🙂



Seen advertised online and thought I’d pop down to try it out. First impressions was I couldn’t believe how stylish it looked inside. A lot of though had gone into the design of this place and I was shocked when I found out they had more seating around the back. Service was quick and friendly. The menu was unique not like your standard restaurant and the food was amazing!

Ozzy’s is our story. A story of success through hard work, determination and commitment. We’ve spent years in shaping a business that delivers great revenue, profitability, teamwork and above all else exceptional customer satisfaction. It’s our pride and joy, we love Ozzy’s and we now invite you to enjoy our success!

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Ozzy’s, the home of good food. Specialists in Kebabish, Prime Angus Smash Burgers, Parmo
and Desserts

1076 Stratford Road,
Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 8AD